Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Printables (Including My Cupcake Printable!)

I know, I've effectively fallen off the planet.  I've actually been working on some crafty stuff (birthday cake, banners, wall decorations, oh and a baby), but I haven't been spending much time telling people about it.  So here's a quick little post to share some links to some free printables I've discovered recently.  One day I'll even share a picture of them on my wall.  :)

And this next one is a little 8 x 10 printable I made up for my kitchen wall.  A WhimsiKel original.  My vision for that wall keeps changing, but lately I'm thinking cupcakes are a good place to start.  (Side note: if you're having a tough day, go search "pink cupcake charm" on etsy.  You'll feel better almost immediately.)  So feel free to grab it if you want.  I'll only be SUPER excited if you do.  :)