Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Nine-Patch Quilt

By following this tutorial from Oh, Fransson! I was able to turn this pile of loveliness...

...into this fun and quirky crazy nine-patch quilt top (please ignore the mess. and the awful picture. which I blame on the bad lighting in my office/craft-room)...

...that I have no idea what to do with OR which print to use for the backing fabric. On the plus side, that's a lovely dilemma to have. But any suggestions? It's on the smallish side (42"x42"), which could make it a nice throw. Should I keep it all for myself? Or hope that one of my preggo sisters-in-law has a girl so I can use that delicious pink swirl minkie loveliness? As I said, a lovely dilemma.

Also, please take a moment to admire the gorgeous mitered corners:

I can't find the tutorial I saw MONTHS ago that showed how to do these, but I'm so glad I remembered the gist of it. If someone knows where it is, please leave a comment so I can give credit where credit is due. Or even just a similar one, so we can share the joy.

**Edited to add that I'm linking to these parties: