Friday, February 19, 2010

Felt House-A-Long Week 1

For Week 1, I sent out a plea yesterday on my family blog for some creative ideas for my planning, and I'm SO glad I did! I got such fantastic feedback. Shown below are the sketches I'm mostly settled on for my felt playhouse. I reserve the right to make changes, of course. :) Some of the great ideas I haven't incorporated for simplicity's sake, but I might change my plan as I go.
The front is fairly simple. A circular window (I'm deciding between mesh or just an opening), a door with door frame (I wanted some type of awning, but opted for something less involved), a porch light (does this look silly? should I try for a different style?), and a mail slot. I haven't decided if it will be open to deliver "mail" into the house or just into a mailbox. 1207 is the month and year we got married. I considered using Lincoln's birthday, but I want this to be something future chillins can use and love as well.
The left side has a fairly simple window. I love the shutters and I'm considering making then "hinged" so they can open and shut. Since right now I have a boy, I'll just put greenery in the window boxes, but if a girl comes along you better believe some velcro flowers will be added.
The chimney is a combination of two suggestions. I'm going to applique most of the bricks to a "grout" color, but I'll leave several of them to velcro on when he's in a building mood. I doubt I'll do anything spectacular with the grass. It's mostly just there for color.
For convenience, the window on the right side will be the same as the window on the left. Again I'm debating on how to do both the shutters and the "glass." This side will have half of a tree with various fruit (probably apples, pears, peaches) that can be velcroed on and "picked."

The back is another place where I got some fantastic suggestions. Besides the other half of the tree that started on the right side, I'll have a "sliding glass door"(though I confess I'm not sure how yet - it might be a "storm door" instead), and a faucet and hose! Lincoln loves laces and strings (and cords, he's starting to say "no-no" and shake his head when he sees cords), so I think this will be a lot of fun for him. But does that look anything like a faucet and hose storage? Any suggestions on how to improve it? And the porch light is the same as on the front, with the same questions for feedback. :)

As far as supplies go, I think I need to hit Hancocks again. I already have 2 yards of gray and 1 of black (they are really wide, so I think that should be enough). But I still need to get:
at least 1/2 yard of red, cream (or a different shade of gray, for the grout), and green (I think I have all the brown and yellow I'll need.)
I will also need to wander until I find something that speaks to me for a hose and a door handle
iron-on numbers and letters

I have no illusions. I'll probably end up making many other trips for things I've forgotten. If something jumps out at you, please let me know!

So, that's my plan. I'd love some feedback, and I can't wait to see what everyone else is planning!


  1. Very cool! I love the back door and the light by the front door! SO CUTE!

  2. I think the lights are fantastic! This is a major improvement over the first one. I still vote for vegetables somewhere. Maybe on one or both of the sides. As for the back door, maybe you could use some of that clear stuff, kind of like contact paper, but different. I think I've seen some at Joann's. And you could have it roll up sideways, instead of up and down. I think the hose thing will work out well. I don't know how I would make it, but I'm sure you'll figure something out with that amazing brain of yours. I too love the shutters, though I don't know how I would make them open and shut. The front window should be mesh or clear plastic-y stuff, because unless you are a Hobbitt, round windows don't open. A there's an interesting idea...I have a round kitchen table... :)

  3. love your plan and idea for a hose-my son would love that too! mind if i borrow it to use in my house?

  4. Thanks, Guys! Les, I think maybe I'll sew slots in the grass so that some time in the future the kids can "plant" things. That's a great idea. I really wanted a hobbit door (one of my friends suggested it), but I just don't know. That might be one of the changes. And your suggestion of clear contact paper reminded me that I just used a clear shower curtain liner (over everything else, to kidproof them) to recover my kitchen chairs. I wonder how that would work?
    Dawn, I would be SO flattered if you borrow the idea! But credit needs to go to my clever sis who suggested it when I begged for feedback! I can't wait to see your plan!