Saturday, April 17, 2010

Watermelon Sugar Cookies?

We LOVE the sugar cookies at Target. If you don't know what I'm talking about just from that statement, send me an email. Cause we need to talk.

So here's a warning for all you other sugar cookie lovers. When you see a box of mini sugar cookies that looks like this:

...and after you go through the initial horror of "what did they DO?!" you approach them a little closer and realize they used food coloring and sprinkles to make them look like little watermelons! Cute, right? And food coloring doesn't have as strong a taste as it used to, so you think, "hey, they're sugar cookies! What could go wrong? Let's give it a try."

Mistake! They also added flavoring! I am talking back-to-third-grade watermelon bubblicious taste! Yuck. That taste belongs only in bubblicious. I think the whole rest of the carton will end up in the trash. I didn't even finish the one I took a bite of. Moral of the story - stick to cookies that are cookie-colored (and flavored). And if you want to do a fun watermelon dessert (which I FULLY support), I have a great low-fat cake recipe that was a hit at a Relief Society event a few years ago. The trick is to have it look, not taste, like watermelon. Thank you. This has been deep thoughts by Kelli Williams.

*also posted on my family blog. Too good of a story to limit it to just one of my audiences. :)

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