Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Link to Flower Tutorial

I got some really good feedback on my grandma flower throw pillow.

I'm so glad so many of you liked it! I had several people comment that they wanted a tutorial, and then I kind of just left you guys hanging. So sorry! But there's a reason: about three weeks after I posted, right as I was about to make another to take pictures for a tutorial, Ashley at Make It and Love It posted a tutorial for a very similar project (so did some other people, but I think hers is closest). I kind of ran out of steam and decided to try something else. (I made it and took pictures and now it's just a matter of organizing the tutorial. Next week at the latest! I promise!) In the meantime, if you'd like to see a great tutorial, click here for Ashley's flower wall hanging.

The only changes between her tutorial and what I did are:
1) I edged using a short, narrow zigzag stitch along the outside edge. My thread isn't a perfect match, and I was too impatient to wait until I could get to the store.
2) I sewed my fabric down (with a straight stitch) to the foundation fabric (which is the same as the ruffles) rather than gluing it.
3) I sewed the lengths into a circle before gathering on one edge and sewing the "petals" down.
4) When I got to the middle, I cut out a small central circle (which I edged the same way I had edged the the gathered circles) and used a fabric covered button for the very center.
5) And obviously, I made a pillow with my foundation fabric rather than a wall hanging. For a tutorial on making the pillow, I'm afraid I am no help. I actually put a zipper (!!!) on this throw pillow cover, but I was winging it the whole way, so I'm not at all qualified to teach that! This tutorial (also from Ashley) shows you how to do the envelope closure that I have used on my other throw pillows. You could also just leave an opening and sew it closed.
As always, if you make this, comment and let me know it went!

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