Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Faux Oilcloth-Covered Kitchen Table

No Ten on Tuesday today.  Instead, I want to share a quick project I worked on this weekend.  

There's a saga behind this project, but I won't bore you with the details.  Instead, let's look at some pretty pictures:
 (Please follow the source link before pinning these - they aren't my projects, and I shouldn't get credit.  Thanks!)

Gorgeous oilcloth-covered tables!  And they used several different methods for covering: staple gun, sewing elastic around the edge, sewing a seem to fit, even hot glue!  

I wanted to replicate the look on the cheap and easy.  I wasn't sure how it would work in my kitchen, so I didn't want to commit without trying it out (which meant staples, nails, and glue guns were out).  And I didn't want to sew, which meant the other methods shown were out as well.  

So first I started with a vinyl tablecloth from Target. WAY cheaper than oilcloth, and I wouldn't be nearly as upset about cutting it up (or throwing it away if I didn't like it).  I put it on top of the table and cut around the perimeter about 6" away from the edge of the table.  Next, I cut little slits all along the edge of the tablecloth about an inch from the edge. I used a safety pin to weave string through the slits.  Pulled it snug, tied it off, and called it good. 

 Seriously cheap AND easy.  

I LOVE how it looks.   I love that it doesn't cut off my line of sight like a tablecloth does.  My husband and I both love that we can wipe it off with a washcloth.  I love that when I get tired of it, I can buy another one without freaking out about how expensive it was and how much time and effort I poured into it.  

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  1. Hi Kelly, visiting from Somewhat Simple.
    Your table turned out great. I love the idea of stitching it. I would grab my staple gun. Oops. Those tables with oil cloth remind me of my summers and my grandma. Love it!

  2. Wonderful idea!! I bought the same tablecloth and turned it into placemats. Stop by if you would like! http://odetoinspiration.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/tablecloth-turned-placemats/

    I had the same thoughts about oilcloth. My original plan was to make placemats out of oilcloth but it can be pricey:)

  3. The idea is pure genius!!!! What a great way to jazz up a table! My table has lots of scratches.. this would be a perfect solution!

  4. Wow this turned out great. A modern twist on an vintage look. Love the color and your method of sewing it on the underside. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful

  5. I love this!!! What a great idea.. the wheels are turning!!! ;) Thanks for linking this up... I am featuring this at the PPW wrap up! xoxo-Rachel

  6. My mom did this to the kitchen in the 1960's when I was a kid. the oilcloth eventually got thin and scratched-up and the pattern cracked and then one day whoosh! a bright new one would be there. I remember cherries and coffeepots and fall leaves, so she must have been seasonal when she replaced it.

  7. First of all so great to see you again on Craft Schooling sunday, and secondly love this project!

  8. you are SO SMART!!! i just love this simple and affordable hack!

    I've linked to you here: http://dollarstoremom.com/2012/05/pinterest-picks-38/

  9. SO clever and so cute! Great idea, Kelli!