Wednesday, January 23, 2013

32 by Thirty-Two Update

In August, I posted a list of 32 things I'd like to get done before my thirty-second birthday.  With my birthday now fast approaching, I'm realizing just how woefully I've documented my progress.  But there HAS been progress, so here's a quick update.  And yes, I'm kind of scrambling to finish a few more in the next 2 weeks.

6. We took the boys to the zoo last August.  I had plans to blog about it, but the pictures tell the best part of the story, and we posted those on facebook.

7. We took the boys to the aquarium in Boston.  Here's what I journaled about the event: "New England Aquarium.  We saw little blue penguins, seals, and a giant turtle.  We saw seahorses, jellyfish, and sharks.  We pet sting rays and starfish.  And what was Lincoln's favorite part?  The penny smasher."  It was a lot of fun, though. 


11. I took a bathtime picture of Mason.  I actually took a few, and you can see them in my Project Life album here and here.  I haven't hung any up yet, but I think it counts...

13. I got a new camera for Christmas!  It's a Rebel t3i, and I still have no idea what I'm doing.  But I have the tool!

16. I found the perfect purse!  When I went to Boston in September, my mom surprised me with a new purse, and it is amazing.  Gorgeous and tons of pockets!  I'm sporting it in the picture below:

20. We got Tyler's new frame for his BYU diploma. It's hanging in his office at work.

25. I actually did do a duct-tape project.  I tried this idea to cover an old diaper box with it to repurpose for storage, and it's working quite nicely in the boys' room.

28. The line-a-day journal.  Hmm.  That almost got its own post.  I decided that I actually prefer to keep it digital, so I formatted a word document for me to keep track of my journaling and print out at the end of 5 years.  I also started to format a blank one to give away, but I kind of got derailed.  So if anyone is interested, let me know.

31. I made a shrinky dink project, and it was awesome.  I tried making diy "flare" to incorporate in my Project Life album.  But then I went a simpler direction with my PL album, so now it's just hanging out.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for a few more updates before my deadline.


  1. Please do share how you like the t3i. That's the camera I am looking at to replace my old camera.

    Also, I am interested in your line-a-day journal. I hate writing longhand and really prefer to type.

    1. Candy, I will definitely update that. So far I love it, but I am VERY overwhelmed with all the functions! It's my first DSLR, so there's a pretty steep learning curve. And I'm happy to send you the file I've got for my line-a-day journal! I'm glad you're interested! Just send me your email, and I'll send it along in the next few days (I have a few things to clean up). In the meantime, I keep an email draft with my entries for each day, so you could do that so you don't get any more behind while waiting for me. :)