Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Facts Post #1

I've been keeping a running list of random facts about myself for the past year or so.  They're the kind of things that rarely come up in daily conversation, but they're all part of what makes me unique.  I've seen similar lists, so at first I planned to post them all at once and then add them to my "About Me" page.  Then I considered using them for an "All About Me" minibook.  But I still haven't finished my Cruise minibook, and meanwhile the list just keeps on growing.  So I've decided to break my list up into a few posts and share just five (or so) of these random facts at a time.

1.  I forget the keys in the front door every few months.  Usually Tyler gets them when he gets home, but I've forgotten them there overnight a few times.

2.  I like to leave my earrings in when I go to the gym.  The first few times were an accident, but then I decided I liked it.  It helps me feel more put-together when I'm sweating like a pig, I guess.

3.  I have a tried and true problem-solving method which works a good 80% of the time: Ignore the problem and hope it goes away.  And don't knock it until you've tried it; it's surprisingly effective.

4.  My favorite color changes every few years.  It's been pink now for awhile, so it could be changing soon.

5.  I hate texting shorthand (b4 instead of before, u instead of you, etc).  But I'm all about acronyms, like btw for by the way and idk for I don't know.  Tyler and I even use ones specific to us, like ikr for I know right and ooc for out of control.

What about you?  Do you have any quirks that you'd like to share with the interwebs?  If you do a random facts post, I'd love for you to share a link!


  1. I have done #1 before. #2 made me giggle. #3 is true because half the time what I think is a problem, really isn't. #4: I don't have a fav color. But colors I like change. I didn't like pink until I was pregnant with my son... #5 Same with me. But what I really hate is when people SPEAK texting. Like when they SAY LOL instead of just actually laughing... Bugs me :)