Friday, March 19, 2010

Picture Clock

Does anyone else get Real Simple? I LOVE it. I've had a subscription off and on for the past few years, and I'm so glad I got a new one for this year because I LOVE the cover idea on the Anniversary issue this month!

I think using different images for the numbers is so clever and whimsical! It allows for you to change the images as a new fancy strikes without having to spend tons of money on a whole new clock. Plus it allows for a BIG clock that doesn't look so big. I'm already on the hunt for images. I might have to use this one for the 1:

...even though you can hardly see the 1 on that cupcake 'cause you're laughing so hard at the look of determination on my cute baby. Maybe a little selective coloring in photoshop... Any thoughts?


  1. I think that clock is really cool! Thanks for posting - I hadn't seen it before.

    The selective color is a good idea, but that face is priceless! Maybe the 1, and the face could be in color?

  2. Hello new friend from New Friend Friday. I too have subscribed to Real Simple off and on and just started again and received the anniversary issue. I like the format much better this time around.

  3. I think the clock could be a great idea. Maybe you could retake the photo (I know how much you love retaking photos) with the focus on the one, with Lincoln more in the background, and then selective coloring could be cool too.

  4. I think the picture is fine the way it is. I saw the 1 immediately when I looked. His gaze does that for you.

  5. Thanks for your feedback, girls! I'll play around in photoshop, but my list of projects is so long, look for an update in, oh, six months maybe?