Saturday, March 20, 2010

Felt House-A-Long Weeks 3 and 4

I'm slowly getting caught up with this felt playhouse, and I am really loving the potential I'm seeing. If you remember from my Week 2 post, I chose to work with two panels rather than 4. I didn't want to try to do half of a tree. I'm not sure I would suggest that, but so far I've managed to make it work. I also decided not to put the grass along the bottom until I've sewed everything together (the roof and all four sides), so I can use it to even up the bottom as necessary. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm a little CDO (it's like OCD, but in alphabetical order, the way it's supposed to be).

So, here's the left side of my house. Yes, I put a picture behind the window so you could tell that it's see-through. Otherwise you just see the grey that's on the back of the adjacent side. :) And don't mind the huge bare spots in the brick chimney, those are where I've sewed velcro so that the bricks can be taken off and replaced.

Like so:

So for now, that about finishes up side 2. I'll add the grass at the end, and greenery in the window box eventually. I'm mostly trying to get the "structure" up and running right now.

The back of the house has the right half of the tree, a "sliding glass" door, a light, and a hose. Notice that the tree looks a little less wonky when you're just looking at half of it.

And let's get a close-up of that hose.

It's not QUITE finished. I'm going to add a knob that can be used to turn the "water" on and off, and I still need to finish off the end, but isn't it gorgeous? And all the credit goes to our babysitter. While she was here watching Lincoln, I told her that is she got bored she could use this doohickey (I picked one up at Hobby Lobby with only the vaguest idea of how it worked, but fairly certain it could do what I wanted) to knit my playhouse hose for me. WHAT a trooper! She took it and ran with it, and I am SO grateful. I'm fairly confident I never would have gotten the hose done otherwise, and it turned out JUST how I had hoped. Thanks, Savannah!!

So, still a little more to do on those sides, and the front is just barely getting going, but there's a little update for everyone.

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  1. So funny, Savannah forgot to mention to me her wonderful 'hose' making skills, snort! That playhouse is amazing, seriously so creative. Savannah told me yesterday that Lincoln is a perfect combination of all things great in a baby... sweet, good sleeper, and independent. I must agree, those are 3 really great traits, don't ya think?! Not that your biased in ANY way with him ;) 'CDO' made me laugh out loud.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up on Craft Schooling Sunday, great to have you and this fun project!
    all the best, see you next week! Sara

  3. Your house is looking amazing! I was going to make one for my son for Easter but no way will I be done in time, just barely getting started! I used to have the most amazing babysitter named Savannah, boy do I miss her! I adore your "hose". I might steal your idea about making it with yarn! Love it!

  4. Dawn, you raised a good one there. It was SO great to have her help last week and thank you SO much for being the chauffeur. And I soak up the praise about Lincoln like a sponge. I don't think people could praise him too much at all, you're right. ;) And I'm glad you liked CDO. It's a family joke, but we're only partly joking. :)
    Sara, I love your Craft Schooling Sunday! I hope to have something really fantastic next week!
    Kelly, this has taken WAY more time than I anticipated, so I think you're wise to know your limits. I'm rarely so wise. But I definitely encourage you working on on. I'm loving the process, and felt really is so forgiving to work with. And PLEASE steal the hose idea! It wasn't even mine - I begged some feedback from friends on our family blog and one of them suggested it. And I'm so glad she did! Now I'm envisioning streamers and a soft fan to mimic a "sprinkler"...

  5. Too cute! :o)

    I want to make one for Ivan, but I need to find time for my other projects first. :)

  6. I had one hundred percent forgotten about CDO... thank you so much for not letting that joke go to waste!

  7. wow that looks like a lot of work
    Thanks for linking up to check me out saturdays

  8. Oh my word, Natalie; estimate how long you think it will take and then triple it. But I think it will be worth it in the end. :)
    James, you are SO welcome. :)

  9. Aw, that's awesome. I love felt. I am currently working on a 3d felt project. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. It's looking awesome!! Someday I hope to make one of these for my kids!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!!

  11. WoW! kelli, I am super impressed. You make me want to get motivated for a BIG sewing project. This is looking great!!

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