Friday, July 16, 2010

30 Before Thirty

This is a shameless copy-cat of Nicole at Making it Lovely. I saw her original post regarding her 30 before thirty back in March, and she's mentioned it in the past few months as she's crossed things off her list. The idea has been growing on me, and the other day I realized 30 is creeping up on me much faster than I expected. I decided some concrete goals would be fun to work on for the next six months, so I made a list for myself. It's surprisingly difficult to come up with 30 realistic goals (realistic mostly meaning that it can't require too much money. So a trip to New York to see Wicked on Broadway is right out). Also, I would have loved to just copy and paste Nicole's list, but most of her goals don't really apply to me. For instance, I've dyed my hair red more times than I can count, and right now I'm trying to do no more than highlights and low lights. Also, I have no intention of giving up soda. I've done that, and I think my quality of life is significantly higher when it includes diet Mt. Dew. I did borrow some from her, though (like paying off the credit card).
But, enough rambling. I have until February 3, 2011 to complete the following (not in order of difficulty, though somewhat grouped by category):

  1. learn to work with fondant
  2. learn to juggle
  3. read and study Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
  4. try jewelry making - at least a pair of earrings
  5. buy essential oil and use in a project
  6. finish the clock project over the mantel
  7. finish my throw pillows
  8. make a prettier lanyard for my work badge
  9. make blankets and/or host a drive for blankets for Project Linus
  10. open an Etsy Shop
  11. try geocaching
  12. go to the zoo or aquarium with Tyler and Lincoln
  13. find a treasure at Unclaimed Baggage
  14. read The Chronicles of Narnia
  15. write an ebook
  16. compete in a mini-triathlon
  17. unlock all the exercises on my Wii Fit
  18. establish (and use!) a budget
  19. resume keeping a journal
  20. read Catch-22
  21. ruthlessly de-clutter the house
  22. hang pictures
  23. finish the mini-reno in the kitchen
  24. do the mini-reno in the master bathroom
  25. organize three months of food storage
  26. get an aquarium
  27. get a bonsai tree
  28. pay off the credit card
  29. establish a habit of having Family Home Evening
  30. ??? (this one is a surprise! I know, I’m lame. But I’ll tell you when I’m done!)

Like Nicole, I'll cross these off as I finish. Anyone interested in joining me with as many items as your next birthday? I'd love to see some other ideas! Some of these are a bit of a stretch. :)


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  2. I saw Wicked here in Des Moines last year. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! It helps if you get to know the soundtrack before hand, though. But it was so good, I can't even describe. I think you should put it on your list anyway...just maybe not NY?

  3. Thank you so much for posting it. I did make a hand written list on a paper, which I no longer can find. This is a much better idea. lol...

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  4. Kelli, I could so help you out with a few of those goals. ;)

  5. My husband calls me a ruthless, cut throat, purger of the the worst kind. I love to de-clutter... nothing stays in my home for very long if I haven't used it in the past 6 months (except for holiday goods of course). Shawn is more the 'I may need this in the year 2023, therefore I must hold on to it' type... we balance each other nicely. But I must confess some things are edited while he is at work so I do not face any opposition, evil snicker!!

    PS - I heard Lincoln had a great time in Nursery. Yippee, so look forward to hanging out with him on Sundays :)

  6. Hi Kelli, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have the What to Expect book, lots of great info!