Sunday, July 25, 2010

And Thus It Begins

One dead fish. Already. One of the reddish-orange ones. And it didn't even have the grace to die and float to the top like a normal fish. It went into the "plants" to kick the bucket, and I had to fish (pun seriously intended) it out. Yuck. And I sound callous because I think it's ridiculous that I was upset after having the fish for only five days. We're definitely getting fish from Petsmart from now on. I don't care if Wal-Mart is 6 times closer (round-trip, that's no exaggeration). Sheesh.

In other news, the topic for the Relief Society lesson today was Journal Keeping. Further proof that Heavenly Father both hears and answers prayers and cares about my 30 Before Thirty goals.


  1. When we had our first fish tank, everyone said to get cheap fish, as they would probably die while the Ph, etc was balancing out. We got ours from Walmart, and they lasted 3 years. We practically had to kill them when we moved... It was sad. Good luck :)

  2. It was a platy. They are usually pretty hardy. Try guppies, they're pretty hardy too.