Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - Fleece Rice Pack

1.  When Mason left the NICU, the nurse told us we could take the fleece rice pack that was in his bassinet.  I was talking with a friend on Friday, and she said that her son's NICU nurse told them that they have to throw them away when the babies leave, and she couldn't take it with her!  Unbelievable.  So I volunteered to make her one. 

2.  Here's a quick how-to.  (And I do mean quick.  Let me know if anyone's interested, and I'll post some pictures and more details.)  10" x 24" piece of fleece folded in half lengthwise and sewn on the long side and on one end.  I used a straight stitch and then a zig-zag stitch to reinforce.  Use a funnel to fill with rice (I used 6 cups, but I think I'll try 5 next time).  Fold the raw edges on the remaining end in and sew.  You're done!  You can warm these in the microwave for a hot-pack or put them in the freezer for a cold-pack. 

3.  I'm loving the ombre trend right now.  There's an ombre cake in my future, I just know it.

4.  That link has an example of my other trend-love, as well: bunting/pennant banners.  Whatever you want to call it, I want to have it.  In every room.  I think there's one in the very near future for the boys' room.

5.  I learned a handy trick this week to find the original source for a pin.  Genius!

6.  And when you find the original source, did you know you can edit the link of an existing pin to update the location?  Just hold your curser over your pin, and when you get the option to "repin," "edit," or "comment," select "edit."  On the edit screen, just change the link.

7.  I'm thinking we should just get a white bedspread for our bed.  Then if the kids spill something, we can just bleach it and keep going.  Plus then I can satisfy that urge to change up the colors in our bedroom more easily by using a different throw and adding or subtracting throw pillows.  Here are some examples of what I'm thinking. Bed 1 Bed 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed 5

8.  There's another mini-quilt I want to make:  a dresden square.  I've been obsessed with dresden plate squares for quite a while now, and I still haven't made one!  Mostly because I didn't know what to do with just one square, and more than that was far too daunting.  But now I know.  Maybe mini-quilts have changed my life...

9.  It's Pi day tomorrow!  My geek is showing again.

10.  I made another craft this week.  It's my spin on a pin.  :)  I combined ideas I got here and here to make a few of these for some friends.  I still have a few more to finish up as well. 


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  1. I love #10! Such a great idea! When Abigail was at Primary Children's, they let us take home every single pillow that we used. There were at least five. Otherwise they throw them away. Lame about that one nurse. I mean honestly, it was with your child only, so any germs that might be on it came from your child. Might as well let you have it instead of filling up the landfills with a bunch of fleece rice bags. We love our rice bags.