Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I love these cute snacks!  But honestly, for us, it isn't worth the effort.  I tried making Lincoln these fun octopus hotdogs, and he decided he was scared of them.  But cut a hotdog in pieces, put a  toothpick (colored, thank you) in it, and ask him how fast he can make it magically disappear (thank you, Stormy (my dad), for that little trick), and abracadabra!  Another trick that works for us?  Divided plates or 6-muffin tins. Go figure.

2.  I finally finished Mason's quilt top.  I just decided it was big enough, and I could stop where I was at.  It's a baby quilt, after all.  And then I did simple straight-line quilting.  I love how the quilting worked out.  Now I just need to pick some binding fabric.  Yay! 

3.  I've finally realized that while I love piecing quilts, I get kind of overwhelmed in the middle.  I think I prefer the more forgiving patterns, like this crazy 9-patch or this strippy quilt.  I think this insight will help me pick quilts I don't get burned out on in the future.  I guess a "basic" patchwork quilt isn't for everyone. le sigh.

4.  But having said that, I'm in love with this gingham pattern.  And I have a devious idea to make it work for me...

5.  Speaking of that crazy 9-patch, it's been sitting on the shelf because I'm paralyzed by indecision on what to use as the backing.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Bright?  Muted?  Neutral?  Solid?  Geometric?  Floral?

6.  Since I'm getting my quilting bug back, I want to make some mini quilts to go around the house.  I want to make a cake quilt (like one of these blocks) for the kitchen, and this book quilt for the living room. 

7.  In fact, let's put them on that ever-growing crafts-to-do list!  But: I have to use them as stash-busters, so no new fabric purchases.  Anyone want to join me?

8.  Did everyone catch my first font round-up?  I particularly love Blackjack.

9.  Is anyone interested in $5 off a roku?  I can give you a referral, and then we both win.  Just let me know.

10.  I updated my Changing Seasons Wreath!  Post with more deets to come.


  1. I love that black quilt with the colorful squares! I think the darkest blue would look good as a backing, or use the same black flower fabric. Or, you could even make another one just like this and then sew them together! I love it! You are amazing! And I always get paralyzed with my sewing projects due to indecision. It's good to know I'm not alone.

  2. I love both of the book and cake quilts! Mason's blanket is adorable too! :) Pink for the backing of the crazy 9 patch. :o)