Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten-Pin Tuesday

 (Please follow the source link or the "my pin" link to pin these - 
they aren't my projects or ideas, and I shouldn't get credit.  Thanks!)

1.  Tip for preventing freezer burn on ice cream.  

2.  Freezing buttermilk.  Who knew?

3.  Anyone else have trouble keeping track of the kids' antibiotics?  Here's a clever solution...

4.  DIY moldable ice packs.  

5.  Homemade Ice Cream.  In a baggie!  We tried this last night, and I thought it was quite tasty.  Lincoln (3 years old) wasn't as interested as I was hoping for, though.


6.  Samoa. Brownies.  O.  M.  Gee.

(original source - my pin)

7.  Melt in your mouth chicken.  This is really tasty!  Just don't try to substitute garlic salt for the garlic powder.
 (original source - my pin)

8.  Seasonal wax paper.  Clever Martha.

9.  Hand-carved cloud stamp.  There's a custom stamp in my future.  All the signs are pointing to it.

10.  Clothespin planter.  That's right; it's clothespins around a tuna can.  What a great kids' craft!

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  1. Samoa Brownies?!?! I am gonna gain 10 lbs just looking at them. I will have to try the chicken too. And the tuna can planters look very interesting....