Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten-Pin Tuesday

(Please follow the picture linked to my pin before pinning these - 
they aren't my projects or ideas, and I shouldn't get credit.  Thanks!)
 1.  Half-Birthday Cake.  Am I the only one who pays attention to half-birthdays?  Because I think this would be SO fun.  I might need to do this for my three-year-old.


2.  Storm Trooper Cupcakes.  How easy would these be?  I think marshmallows are about to hit BIG.  


3.  Garlic Chicken.  This recipe really is super easy, and quite tasty.  I waited to season with salt and pepper until it was cooked, and I think next time I'll salt pretty liberally before baking.  It can handle it.


4.  Speaking of eating, I've been thoroughly enjoying the bounty of my friends' and families' gardens this year, and I might be convinced to try a garden again next year.  If so, I think I'll be using this clever technique.  How cheap and easy (and versatile) can you get?


5.  This link has a TON of uses for magic erasers, but the one I'm going to try is the one in the pin description: float a piece in the toilet overnight and toilet rings disappear.  Certainly worth trying once.


6.  Anyone else short and have to hem clothes a lot?  It's tough to get the hem length right when you're the only seamstress in the house, though.  Who thinks up these simple yet genius ideas?


7.  Anyone else seen the cute boxes redone with sewn covers and liners?  Anyone else start using those boxes before they have the time to make the covers and still him themselves using diaper boxes to store toddler shoes a year later?  Enter duct tape.  Genius again.


8.  I still have all the cards from my wedding and the births of my two sons, but they're in random boxes somewhere.  I love this idea to punch holes and turn them into books.


9.  This origami fold claims to take the place of a chip clip.  Let me know if you try it, cause... awesome.

10.  How quick and easy is this method for connecting photo frames?  It really opens up the possibilities for picture collages and wall groupings.  I bet you could even hot glue those connectors. 


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  1. Hemming would imply that I sew them... But, it is genius :)