Friday, August 3, 2012

32 by Thirty-Two --or-- Buckling Down on the "One of These Days" List

Some of you may remember my 30 Before Thirty list.  It was a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish in the 6 months before I turned 30.  And it was, frankly, impractical.  What were the chances, really, that I was finally going to learn to juggle?  Please.  But I was thinking about it this week with my half-birthday approaching (it's today!), and it occurred to me that if the list is realistic, then it's actually quite a fun project.  In addition, I have a huge list of one-of-these-days tasks.  They're the tasks that might take anywhere from 15 minutes to a day, but that aren't really outrageous.  I just don't do them because something else is always more pressing.  But no more!  Today, I present to you my 32 by Thirty-Two (or "One of These Days") List.  I plan to work on these for the next 6 months and (as you see in #32) report back as I finish them.  So, in no particular order:

Kelli's 32 by Thirty-Two 
(or "One of These Days") 
  1. finish my charm bracelet (done)
  2. make a lotion bar
  3. make a blanket to donate to Project Linus
  4. bind Mason's quilt
  5. try geocaching
  6. take Lincoln and Mason to the zoo (done)
  7. take Lincoln and Mason to the aquarium (done)
  8. finish The Chronicles of Narnia
  9. have another ruthless clothes clear-out
  10. have a ruthless toy clear-out
  11. take bathtime pictures of Mason to hang on the bathroom wall (done)
  12. hang some bunting somewhere in the house
  13. get a DSLR camera (done)
  14. get my (cursive) handwriting made into a font (done)
  15. learn the basics of calligraphy
  16. find the perfect purse (done)
  17. find the perfect polka-dot dress
  18. make an ombre layer cake (done)
  19. try avocado pie
  20. get a frame for Tyler's BYU diploma that matches mine (done)
  21. make silhouette prints of the boys
  22. bake zucchini bread
  23. attend a spin class (done)
  24. attend a zumba class
  25. complete a duct tape project (done)
  26. play a tv show workout game (done)
  27. try a new frosting recipe (done)
  28. get a line-a-day journal (done)
  29. make some fingerprint drawings with Lincoln (a la Ed Emberley)
  30. carve an eraser stamp
  31. make a shrinky-dink project (done)
  32. share these here as I complete them
 I'll cross off items on this post and add links as I complete and post about them.


  1. I've wanted to do a line a day journal too. I think it would be fun. I like this list. It's great to have little fun goals sometimes too other than, "do the dishes. feed a baby. do the dishes. feed a baby. do the dishes." Adds a little bit of character to the long days. :)

  2. I love your 32 by 32 ideas! (I share some of your goals....) I'll be delighted to read about your successful completion of each one.

  3. To have fun should also be part of the list. Spending time to relax is very important. Maybe spending time on marine fish keeping and something that has to do with nature.