Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Life - Title Page

Nothing quite like a self-imposed deadline to get a post up, is there?  As promised, here is my cover page.  I cheated and used a family picture from March.  The only "current" family picture we had on January 1 was from Mason's newborn session, and I was still pretty puffy.

For the title card, I put our names (first and middle) with our ages at the first of the year.

I saw a cute idea to include a google satellite shot of your street, and I wanted to use a winter picture of our house.  (Yep, that's winter in Alabama.)  Other than that, I added some printables I made inspired by ideas I saw on pinterest (where else?).  Also one I just copied and pasted right from the pin.  I don't have an original source, but this is the pin for the Enjoy Life quote.

I'm on the home stretch for getting the album caught up.  I think I have only one more big batch of photos and then I'll be down to working on only one week at a time.  I'll try to share two or three weeks each week.  And I obviously need to work on taking better pictures of the album.  :)

Thanks for looking!

Edited to add:  I'll be linking up to Project Life Tuesday at The Mom Creative. And for more information on Project Life, click here


  1. Ooh, I love the satellite view idea! I am totally going to figure out some place to add that into my PL!!

  2. Love the satellite pic ! Such a great idea. Great cover. libbywilko

  3. love the idea to use a satellite image/photo of your house - I think I may borrow that idea :)