Friday, September 14, 2012

Font Friday - WhimsiKel Script

I am so excited about today's font!  Because it's MINE!  You may recall that getting my cursive handwriting into a font has been a goal of mine for some time (it's even on my 32 by Thirty-Two list).  I was just about to bite the bullet and pay $25 to get it, but then I came across the coolest iPad app ever.  It's called iFontMaker, and you can literally make your own handwriting into a font in about 5 minutes.  It takes longer for a script font, but it's still not outrageous.  There are several great reviews of the app, so I won't share much about the process (you can read all about it here and here), but I do want to show off my font:

And here's a quick comparison between the font and my actual handwriting:

Obviously the transitions aren't as smooth in the font, but I think it's pretty impressive nonetheless.  I think I might do some more tweaking, but I couldn't wait to share!

If you'd like to download it, feel free.  I'd love to hear what project you're using it for!

In other news, cross another item off my 32 by Thirty-Two list; I went to spin class last night!  It was brutal.  In a good way.  I've completed a few other items on that list, but I haven't made the time to blog about them yet, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice font!

    I've been playing with iFontMaker since I've been trying to make my own cursive font with it. Looks like you've had more success than I've had.