Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Life Weeks 25 - 28

Four more weeks!  Since I've been working on the entire album since March, I haven't really sat down to do just one spread.  I flip through my planning notebook and work on getting as many pictures printed and journaling cards written as I can when I have time, and then I add those to the Album when I can steal an hour or two.  And I finally accepted that if I didn't post any of my weeks until they were perfect, I wouldn't get any posted until 2013.  So there are still a few empty spots that I'll be tweaking, but I've decided to be ok with that.  :)  I like to be able to see my pages from a fresh perspective.  And looking at them on my blog helps me kind of switch gears and better see how to approach the changes I'd still like to make.  So.  Onward!

Week 25 Full Spread.
 (click photos to enlarge)

Week 25 Left Side.  Mostly pictures.  A screenshot of a text our babysitter sent me.  A picture of the video monitor showing both kids in the crib.  I used phonto to add the labels and journaling.

Week 25 Right Side.  More pictures.  Ticket stubs from the movie. 

Week 26 Full Spread.

Week 26 Left Side.  I like how the picture of the gas pump is also kind of a self-portrait.

Week 26 Right Side.  Mostly pictures and journaling.  I'm thinking about taking out the books I read that I didn't necessarily give 5 stars to.  Three of the books in this 4-week group are just so-so.  I included them because I was reading them, but I'm the fence about whether I really care to record it, if that makes sense.

Week 27 Full Spread.  This week is kind of cool because it ended up being entirely pictures.  The only "journaling" is the Land of the Free print I used for Independence Day.

Week 27 Left Side.  I might need to add the caption "Like a Boss" to the picture of my nephew chillin' with the bag of chips he managed to grab when no one was looking.

Week 27 Right Side.  Lots of picframe collages to fit in all the pictures.

Week 28 Full Spread.

Week 28 Left Side.  Mostly pictures and journaling.  A tomato picture I stole from the interwebs.  I decided it wasn't as important that it be one from my in-law's garden, since the picture is helping to tell the story.  I ran out of the paper I've been using for my title cards, so I just stuck the label in for now.

Week 28 Right Side.  I love the pictures of the obstacle course!  I love that the collages let me tell the story.  I got the idea for the "Being Cool" journaling card from Catherine Davis's sillo series here

Thanks for looking!  I think I have just 2 more 4-week posts and then I'll be able to share one week at a time.  You can check out my other Project Life pages here.

(I'll be linking up to Project Life Tuesday at The Mom Creative. And for more information on Project Life, click here.) 


  1. Another great selection of weeks!

  2. Love the "I not being silly" card...that sounds exactly like something my 4 year old would say. Congrats on your weight loss!! That's awesome!