Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Avengers

We decided to go as the Avengers this year.  We started planning a few months ago, and we bought Lincoln a Super Hero Squad DVD to try to get him on board with it.  And we created a monster!  We had no idea when we introduced him to Captain America and company that he would forget about his previous obsessions of cars and monster trucks and focus solely on super heroes.  I support it, though.  Tyler may or may not have had to keep me from painting a skyline in their room.

Here's the costume breakdown:

Captain America - easy peasy.  I ordered the costume from Amazon, and we picked the shield up at Target.

(Avengers Assemble!)
Hulk - I lucked out at Target a few weeks ago and found a body pillow cover on clearance.  Not only was it a nice fleece material that is the perfect color, but it already had some seams I could work with, including a nice casing for the waist.  I just made up some very rough pants and shirt and left the seams raw.  We had some old shorts that Lincoln had gotten paint on, so I just cut those along the bottom.  Then I used a black magic marker to draw on some muscles.


Thor - We decided to go minimal on the adult costumes, so we ordered Tyler a shirt and a wig (the wig was kind of a bust), and then he just wore a grey long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and black boots.  I cut some red fleece and safety-pinned it to his shirt for his cape.  Oh, and we got the deluxe Thor hammer that lights up and makes sounds.

Black Widow - The only thing I bought just for this costume was the wig.  I also bought a black zip-up jacket to use initially for the costume but now it's slated to use for running.  I completed the ensemble with yoga pants, black boots, and a leather belt I already owned.

And by a happy coincidence, our nephew wanted to dress up as Ironman, so we got the whole crew!


  1. Awesome job putting together the costumes! I never would have thought to make a Hulk costume out of a body pillow cover.

    1. Thanks, Cerise! I was just looking at the clearance for anything with green material, and I totally lucked out!

  2. LOVE IT! You are totally my Halloween costume hero. Someday (when I have a sewing machine again, perhaps) you will also be my mentor.