Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Life Weeks 37 - 40

I think it might be time to accept that I'll just be posting 4 weeks once a month rather than one each week.  Because despite my best intentions, it seems to be working out that way.

Week 37 Full Spread.
(click photos to enlarge)

Week 37 Left Side.  We celebrated Mason's birthday the Sunday after our trip to Boston.  I blogged about his cake here.  Lots of pictures and PicFrame collages.  And I used a Dear Photograph image for September 11.

Week 37 Right Side.  We went to Auburn on Saturday, so I included journaling and a bunch of pictures.  Also I made my cursive font that week, and we started training for our half-marathon in April.

Week 38 Full Spread.

Week 38 Left Side.  Lots of miscellany.  I got the "you make me smile" filler card here.

Week 38 Right Side.  Pics and journaling.  I only rounded the outside corners of the sequence of shots Tyler got of Lincoln and me running because I like the story it tells of us running along.  It shows how he starts out strong, gets distracted and lags behind, runs into the street (and freaks me out), and then takes off again.  Finally, more Lincoln-as-photographer while we were waiting in the car when Tyler ran into Papa Murphy's.

Week 39 Full Spread.

Week 39 Left Side.  Pics, journaling, and filler cards.  I'm planning to put a picture of Lincoln's shadow in the upper right corner to go with the story.  And I think I need a caption on the picture of Lincoln in a pull-up and my heels that says something about "Blackmail Picture."  I got the "live your life on purpose" print here

Week 39 Right Side.  More pictures and journaling.  I formatted a blog post and added a screenshot of our 5-mile run.  I made the ombre filler card in Word, and I'm feeling kind of blah about it, but decided to include it somewhere anyway.

Week 40 Full Spread.

Week 40 Left Side.  I tried cropping a glitter card for filler, and I'm kind of loving it, but wondering if a different color would work better on this page.  I might need to add some journaling to the picture of Mason in Tyler's Thor wig.  I also folded our race bibs to include because I don't want to cut up Tyler's first race bib ever.  And I'm a fan of including a cutting of a bag of seasonal candy - I think I'll do that for a few more.

Week 40 Right Side.  Dedicated entirely to our run.  The boys were such great sports sitting in the stroller, and Lincoln's reward was getting the bouncy obstacle courses almost entirely to himself.  He LOVED it.

Thanks for looking!  You can check out my other Project Life pages here.

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  1. your pages are great! I'm still working on July! I think what you have accomplished is awesome.

  2. LOVE all your layouts! The ifont maker sounds really neat. Would be so awesome to have my kiddos handwriting saved like that. Might need to get an ipad :o)

  3. What a great set of pages, so much to love. Well done on the 5k especially with the stroller an awesome time!

    1. Thanks, Libby! It was such a fun experience!