Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Charm Bracelet

As you may have noticed on my 32 by Thirty-Two post, I've got a charm bracelet I've been meaning to finish since last February when my first attempt ended in frustration.  And my birthday was last Sunday, so that was my deadline.  I'm happy to report that I finished my charm bracelet in time, and a few other items on that list as well.  :)

And I want to post a pic and brag a little about my bracelet.  So if cute little cupcake charms don't do anything for you, you might as well stop here.

Starting on the left.

That little "Lincoln" charm is one that Santa put in my stocking this year.  (I'm pretty sure Tyler did all the research for him, though.)  And notice that there's a matching "Mason" charm as well.  SO CUTE!  Can my husband pick them or what?

The pearl is just a filler for now.  It's significance is that it reminds me of the pearl necklace and earrings Tyler got me for our wedding.

The cupcake charm is another charm that Santa put in my stocking this year.  Santa was pretty supportive of my charm bracelet desire.  ;)

The shoe is a charm I took from an old charm bracelet that my sister gave me YEARS ago.  I decided it was time to upcycle.

The snowflake is another upcycle.  I got a jingle bell charm bracelet from Santa one year, and I hardly ever wear it because I hate to jingle at work (it's a pretty quiet place).  But I love snowflakes (they were a continuing theme for our December wedding), so I borrowed one of the snowflake charms.

The temple charm is one that Tyler gave me for Valentine's Day last year.  I had just decided I NEEDED a charm bracelet, and he surprised me with this one.

The running shoe was the last charm that Santa put in my stocking this year.  I've been a runner off-and-on for a little over 10 years now, so it's a perfect addition.  Especially now, since Tyler and I are training for a half-marathon in April.

And that's my charm bracelet!  Fun and dangly, but also incredibly sentimental. Thanks for reading!  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. So... I gave you the shoe charm? I have a vague memory of such a bracelet... was that in Germany? Or are you talking about a different sister? ;)

    BTW it looks like the shoes I wore to Levi's wedding. :)

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