Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I love this cake picture.  I'm debating buying it for the kitchen.

2.  I think I want to dye the (brown) curtains in my kitchen gray.  I guess I could buy some, but then what would I do with the brown ones?  Wish me luck!

3.  I decided last week that I want to make an Alabama printable like these I saw a while ago on Dana Made It.  Want your own?  This weekend, Kara on uCreate featured free state printables from The Vintage Lemon.  Handy.

4.  I'm excited about Katie's Love Your Little House series at On the Banks of Squaw Creek.  I'm working on loving ours, and I'm hoping to get some good tips.

5. Has anyone tried printing on tissue paper?  I want to try this canvas print idea. If it works, it would make a great spin on a cheap printable.

6.  Have you seen some of the fun spray-painted toy ideas all over the internet?  I'm loving these book ends.  Book ends are SO expensive, and these look fun and quirky.

7. But, I might go for an effect more like this.

8.  My cousin just opened an etsy shop.  Go check out her fantastic magnets.  I think these are my favorites.

9.  My monster truck cake was featured on Positively Splendid!  And I got some thoroughly lovely comments on it.  I had so much fun making that cake, and I really appreciate the positive feedback I'm getting.

10.  I strung a first version of my new charm bracelet yesterday.  (First version because I'll probably restring it when I get new charms.  Is there an easier way?)  When I held it up to check the length, the bead I'd knotted to hold everything together came loose and everything fell off.  I just put it all away and decided to try again later.


  1. Did you know that the girl who does the blog where you got the canvas print idea from is in my ward currently? Small world :) Also, I heart the glitter :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my website! You are wonderful!! xoxo