Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Life | Weeks 28 & 29

I've gotten a little behind lately because Week 28 had virtually no photos - 3 of these pictures were from different weeks but still applied, so I "borrowed" them - and it seriously derailed me.  But I think I'm back on track and almost caught up.  Such is Project Life, right?

Week 28 Full Spread.

Week 28 Left Side.  I decided to modify this blog post to fill up some space, and I liked this idea for the shoe card that Cathy Davis did a while back.

Week 28 Right Side.  Not much to say.  My usual corbel journaling font, and some midnight kit and seafoam kit fillers.

Week 29 Full Spread.

Week 29 Left Side.  Tyler was using the big camera to take a picture, and Lincoln started posing and saying "take my picture, dad!"  Then he just kept striking poses and saying "cheese!" and Tyler snapped away.  I love it.  The boys fell asleep in the car, and in order to get both of them in the same picture, I used the panorama function on my iPhone default camera and cropped the picture.  I took an idea from Tracy Larsen to use more white space this week, and I'm liking the effect.

Week 29 Right Side.  I think the highlight of the whole week was getting that hand-me-down cozy coupe.  It's still the first thing Mason wants to do every morning.  And I'm not sure you can tell what's going on in the picture in the bottom left (the contrast is kind of wonky), but Mason's wearing a diaper, an old hat of mine, Tyler's black running socks, and his crocs.  The caption says, "File this for when he brings his first girlfriend home."

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  1. I love your long journal piece! And I really like your week number cards too. Did you design those? (P.S. I tried a couple of times to post a comment from my iPhone, and it didn't work, so I apologize if you end up getting three very similar comments from me! Ha!). :)

  2. I love your pages and I think I have a week coming up where I didn't take a lot of pictures, so thank you for the inspiration on what to do.

  3. Love the shoe picture--such a great idea and the long journaling to the side.