Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 51 & 52 and Final Page (of 2013! Finally!)

Friends, this draft has been sitting here untouched since March.  I had the photos edited and uploaded, and I just haven't taken the time to say Hi and hit Publish.  So here's the last of my 2013 spreads.  I (clearly) don't plan to post weekly spreads for 2014, but I'm also not intending to resume in 2015. 

I do intend to resume blogging, though.  That's right, my unplanned, unscheduled, and unannounced hiatus is coming to an end.  I plan to still post PL spreads occassionally, but just my favorites.  I've written a few book reviews for my sister's blog, and I plan to share those (and any future reviews) here as well.  I'd like to resume posting some crafts as well, but probably I won't take the time to create tutorials.  This is going to be totally unstructured, but hopefully I'll share some things y'all are interested in.

So look for some new posts in the next week or so, and in the meantime, check out some LATE holiday spreads.  ;)

Week 51.

Week 52.


Final Page.

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  1. So glad you are back! And love the Merry and Bright card! It looks so cute :)