Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Random Facts Post #3

Note: My first five random facts are here, and my second five are here.

I'm sharing TEN this time because I've been silent all year. 

11.  I love to read. This year I've taken it to the extreme.  I'm not proud of it (though, admittedly, I am a little smug), but I've read over 300 books this year.  Not quality literature, either.  I've admitted I have a problem, though, and I'm scaling back.

12.  I get violently angry at the misuse of the term "brownie." If there's no chocolate, it's not a brownie, it's a blondie. End of story.

13.  When we got married, I started averaging Tyler's and my ages. So since I was 27 and he was 29, we were 28. And I still do; we turn 35 soon.  ;)

14.  I like to listen to audiobooks while I'm driving, and I think men generally make better narrators than women.  (Not always, but on average.  I actually have other opinions like this that would drive feminazis wild!  Since I call them feminazis, I think you can imagine how that worries me.)

15.  I refuse to "like" posts/pictures on facebook that tell me to like them. If I could dislike or spit on the ones that tell me that ignoring them means I'm a hateful commie puppy-hater, I would do that, too.

16.  I think spit-takes are hilarious.

17.  I don't like Seinfeld or Everybody Loves Raymond. They make me uncomfortable.  More current ones that fall into a similar category are Modern Family and The Middle.

18.  I once memorized the algorithms to solve a Rubik's cube. My best time was (I think) 1 min 3 sec.

19.  I have cataracts in both eyes. They are small and off-center, and my optometrist advised a multivitamin, a healthy diet, and sunglasses as the difference between cataract surgery at 35 vs. 65.

20.  I like a handful of foods cooked on the crispy side of well done, and I also like food seasoned on the mild side of bland.

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