Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.       It’s been over a year since my last post.  That’s just ridiculous.  But it doesn't have to be awkward.

2.       I’m going to start blogging again.  Once a week to start, though.  Let’s not go crazy.

3.       I got burned out on posting all my Project Life spreads, and apparently blogging died entirely when I decided not to post so much PL anymore.

4.       I’m doing Project Life monthly this year.  I just print out all my pictures for the month and then figure out how best to arrange them into 2, 3, or 4 spreads.  I think some months even ended up being 5 spreads.  It’s VERY different from my structured, planned approach in years past, but given that I stalled out in the middle of January and didn’t pick up again until August, I think it’s turning out pretty well so far.

5.       Since I wrote last, I had a baby.  Her name is Reagan, and she might be the cutest girl-baby ever.  She's 6 months old.

6.       I also never mentioned that we bought a new house in April 2014.  It’s a project house.  We’re still in the process of painting all the walls and trim.  But the bones are wonderful, and we love the location.  It’s much better for 3 kids than the old house.

7.       I still haven’t finished the kids’ rooms, though.  Maybe I’ll share pictures when I do?  I need a direction for what to do with this blog.  Maybe I’ll try to find a better balance between crafts and PL?

8.    And I really enjoy making printables, so I might make that a more regular thing.  Any requests or suggestions?

9.       And maybe I'll include some about my other big interest: books. 

10.   Speaking of which, have you heard about Life and Death, Stephanie Meyer’s reimagining of Twilight?  I listened to it.  I loved it.  I liked the intellectual exercise of the gender bending, and listening to it reminded me how much I liked Twilight when I first read it 10 years ago.


  1. It's good to see you blogging again! How fun that you have a baby girl! I think it's great that you're making PL work for you. I'm using the cards to use as journal/filler pages for my photo albums for my kids, but I really like them having their own books. :) You sound like you've been super busy with a new baby and new house! Project houses are...time consuming. We started our bathroom remodel nearly 1.5 years ago! :)

  2. Congrats on the baby and the house! Post about those. Or, whatever you want to :)