Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. We saw Star Wars on Opening Day.  Not a midnight showing because we're too old for that stuff, but we're still fans.  ;)

2. No spoilers, but I will say I'm way more on board with Reagan's nickname being Rea than I was before I saw Rey in The Force Awakens.  I thought "Ray" seemed kind of masculine.  But Rey is awesome.  I actually feel a little smug about being 9 months ahead of the trend I see coming.

3. I just looked at my last post and realized it's already been 2 months.  To follow-up on our movie-viewing, Inside Out is now on constant repeat in our house as well.  I DID cry a little the first time I watched it, so I appreciated the warning.

4. The Polar Express was also pretty popular this month. 

5. And Star Wars, of course.  We got all the first 6 on digital.  And we got Star Wars Rebels.  And Star Wars Droid Tales.  Droid Tales is hilarious.

6. Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful.  I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays as much as I did.  We actually had a postponed Thanksgiving because the big family dinner was on Sunday, so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Tyler and I painted 2 rooms in the house and installed shadowbox wainscoting in one of them.

7. Speaking of which, the premade shadowboxes are worth every. single. penny.  Even if I did have some sticker shock when I got to the register.

8. My parents are in town for Christmas, and the kids are loving it.  On Wednesday night, I announced that it was time for haircuts, and Mason started fussing about it until my dad said, pointing to his buzz cut, "I'll do it!  You want a haircut like mine?"  And Mason calmed right down and took him up on it.  Then Lincoln thought it looked cool and wanted a matching one, too.  Dad's offered to give me that haircut for years now, and he finally got 2 takers.  Tyler and I passed, and Reagan doesn't have much more hair to begin with.

9. Aside from general holiday festivities like cookie decorating and cookie eating, we've also been playing a lot of Splendor, if anyone is looking for a game recommendation.

10. On Christmas Eve we walked to the park because it was such a gorgeous day, and on Christmas Day, we got record rainfall resulting in flooding.  "Welcome to the South, where the weather is made up, and the Seasons don't matter."

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  1. "Seasons don't matter?" Ain't it the truth?!?! Saw Star Wars last night actually. Thought it was ok, but I am not a huge fan, so I will need to do some research to fill in the blanks :)