Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Life Weeks 17 - 20

4 more weeks!  Halfway there!  At this rate, I really could get caught up next week.  AND I think I've got my process down for taking and editing pictures of my album.  Sweet!

Week 17 Full Spread.

Week 17 Left Side.  The little caption on the pictures of Mason is corny, but I was playing around with the Labels add-in in PicFrame and decided to include it.  The Keep Calm and Click On card is from this free set.

Week 17 Right Side. I had to include that starburst wrapper with some journaling.  Lincoln's such a great kid.  And isn't that picture of my boys so cute?  You'd never know Tyler snapped it before church while they were snuggling on the couch.  I blogged about that "oilcloth" tablecloth here, and I included a piece of the remnants.  Speaking of which, I'm loving that table covering, and it's wearing out.  Did anyone pick one up at Target, get it home, and not know what to do with it now?  Because I'll buy it from you.  Seriously.

Week 18 Full Spread.

Week 18 Left Side.  I announced that it was Week 1 of cutting back on soda, and then I never followed up, so I'm considering taking that card out.  Does anyone else do stuff like that?  And I need to do something about the haircut journaling card.  I might just need to reprint it as a 4x6.  I didn't take official before/after pics of his haircut, but I had two from playing on his slide that I thought worked ok.

Week 18 Right Side.  I keep forgetting to print the picture for the upper left corner.  I included a black bean soup recipe that I tried (I just took a screenshot and then resized it in Word) and then my recipe once I was done tweaking.  It's been in regular rotation at our house, so I thought it was worth mentioning.  I got the bee happy card here.  I'm loving the technique I used on the Date Night card (ombre + duality font), and I think I might need to repeat it with another phrase later.  I made the Star Wars Day card in Phonto because I couldn't find a 3x4 graphic I liked.

Week 19 Full Spread.

Week 19 Left Side.  Mostly pictures.  I found that Carpe Diem print at the Free Art Project here, and there are lots of other cute prints there that I plan to use as filler cards later.

Week 19 Right Side.  The bobby pin 101 image (found here) pretty much changed my life.  I'm growing my bangs out, so I've been wearing a bobby pin to pull my bangs back every day for most of the year.  I plan to add that journaling later.  And that potty training meme had me rolling because it was so apropos.

 Week 20 Full Spread.

Week 20 Left Side.  It was Mother's Day this week, so I included this quote from Abraham Lincoln.  I hope that one day my Lincoln will feel a little like that.  And how handy that the shutterfly invoice had a picture of the fabulous mug my boys got me!  That new bedtime goal in the middle fizzled and died the next week, so I might take it out and stick with journaling happenings rather than intentions in the future. 

Week 20 Right Side.  Lincoln loves to walk in circles, so I included that sequence of pictures of him walking around and around Mason one day when we got home.  That hallway at work makes me think of Joe vs. The Volcano, even though my job is infinitely better than Joe's was.  One of my favorite parts of this page is the collage of When My Baby Dreams images.  I ordered the book and decided to include some of my favorite pictures in the album.  I just formatted two 4x6 collages and then strategically rounded the corners to make it look like one big 4x12 collage.  I love how it came together.

Thanks for looking!  You can check out my other Project Life pages here.

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  1. are inspiring me to start trying to catch up too ! My goals for myself regularly don't go to plan either. Maybe you can change the soda card to to talk about how it didn't last a week? Thanks for sharing your weeks with us.

  2. I got a shout-out! I feel so special... ^_^

    It looks great!

  3. Your pages are fabulous. I love all the journaling- especially the quotes from you little boys. Perfection!

    Marla @

  4. Beautiful layouts! I love all the cute stories you have captured of your kiddos...the one of Lincoln walking in circles is great. I would never have thought to capture that.

  5. These are wonderful layouts! I love how you included stuff like the Laughing Cow and Starburst wrappers.

  6. I just ♥ ♥ ♥ your pages!
    You are so good at including every day things.
    I think you should leave your goal card about cutting back on soda.
    Even if you didn't do it, it was a goal you had and you could always go back and add a note on there saying you didn't reach that goal.
    It's real life and years from now your kids will look at it and realize you are human. :)

  7. Love that you are including things from your blog and recipes. Need to do both of those things! Thanks for the idea.